Top 30 Wonderful Rhymes

This collection of Top 30 Wonderful Rhymes is bound to get you all excited. Watch out! You might find yourself tapping your feet uncontrollably! Titles Included: 1. skip to mu lou 2. ten in a bed 3. wiseman built his house 4. down the station 5. a cock and bull story 6. apples & bananas 7. comical folk 8. weather the weather 9. pussycat mew 10. peter rabbit 11. little miss lily 12. candle-saving 13. a lark-bird 14. away, birds, away 15. dance little baby 16. high in the pine tree 17. billy,billy 18. fears and tears 19. piping hot, smoking hot 20. there’s a hole in the bucket 21. ride a cock horse 22. saturday,sunday 23. this is the way ladies ride 24. whistle, daughter, whistle 25. for every evil under the sun 26. the death and burial of poor cock robin 27. the cock and the hen 28. the girl and the birds 29. the girl in the lane 30. cherry 31. little drops of water

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