Tortoise Rhymes

Tortoise rhyme & Video for children to learn about tortoise. Watch this lovely kids rhyme on tortoise. A slow land reptile… tortoise! Tortoises are known to have a LONG life span! Watch this rhyme to learn more fun facts about them.

I am the slow and steady one,

In ‘The hare and tortoise’ story, the race who won,

For being slow, I may be mocked,

But to the world a great lesson I’ve taught!


I am the tortoise, a reptile,

A hard shell I carry on my back in style,

By my foes when I am attacked,

Into my shell I quickly retract.


I have a short and pointed tail,

Short limbs, thick claws and a skin with scales,

I have no teeth but horny beaks,

I eat grass, fruits, leaves and weeds.


I am seen in many a type,

From tiny to rather huge in size,

My cousins, the turtles live in water,

I live on land near water.


In color I’m grey, green, yellow or brown,

I lay eggs in burrows called nests in the ground,

Once hatched, my hatchlings are on their own,

To have long lives we are known!

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