Tractor – Vehicle Rhyme

This vehicle rhyme on tractor, tells you all about how hard this automobile works to put food on your plate! Tractors are perhaps a farmer’s second-best friends– second only to earthworms.

I’m a farm vehicle that’s strong as a bull.

I’ve been designed to drag and pull.

The friend of a farmer, tractor is my name.

To help him on his farm, I am always game!


Big and strong are my two rear wheels.

Smaller than them, are my two front wheels.

To move me around, is a steering wheel.

A little slow in speed, but I’m full of zeal!


I’m used to dig and plough the fields;

To clear bushes and plant the seeds;

To spread fertilizers and reap the crops;

To do light and heavy landscaping jobs!



I use equipment of many kinds,

To dig, cut, spray, mix and grind,

Mowers and movers, diggers and rakes,

Sprayers and spreaders, mixers and blades!


I’m of great use in construction.

Be it a building, or road junction.

I’m powered by kerosene or diesel.

Gasoline, gas or biodiesel!


I’m so handy and so versatile.

I make all builders and farmers smile.

I’m their sturdy and loyal friend indeed.

I do everything to help them in need!

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