Truck – Vehicle Rhyme

Truck is a loaded automobile… It’s tightly packed with all sorts of things! Here is a song that teaches you all that you need to know about what it is used for and where! By the end of the song, you’ll be thankful for this invention.

I’m a truck, the giant of the road,

So huge and so very bold.

Across the country, you can see me run.

Make way for me, here I come!


Just for you I carry heavy loads,

Also remove garbage from your roads.

To ferry cargo I take great pain,

Fighting heat and cold and rain!


I deliver veggies, fruits and grains,

From farms to shops in your lanes.

I transport your furniture too,

When you move to places new!


I’m mostly big, but sometimes small.

Either way, I’m always on call.

Be it water, oil, cement or sand,

I carry everything on this land!


I have four or more big wheels.

I am strong and sturdy as steel.

Also seen as a trailer or fire truck,

Cement mixer or a tank truck!


Make full use of my ability,

But show some responsibility.

Drive me smoothly, with extra care,

To break speed limits, do not dare!

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