Sunil Anand

Pros and Cons of Online Education

Well it is of no surprise to anyone that the year 2020 has been a year of immense natural calamities and a continuous fight against a virus. But amidst all the chaos, we’ve come across a lot of things which though existed pre-pandemic but have gained utmost importance in the past few months – and […]


Technology makes learning easier and more accessible in many ways. Nowadays, there are lots of online free and paid learning tools that help kids to acquire new skills and knowledge. The best thing about these tools is that they are safe and designed for learning through games. “Edutainment is one of the most fascinating changes […]

Activities to keep kids occupied – Part III

On 24 March 2020,Government of India ordered a lock down restricting the movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India in a battle against Covid-19. The lock down has been filled with daunting challenges and one of the them is to keep young kids occupied productively in this containment. For families where both parents […]

Activities to keep kids occupied – Part II

For families where both parents are working, the lock down has been a blessing in disguise for the kids who actually get to see both parents all day long. Having said that, this transition may be difficult to handle initially as neither is used to being around the other all day long. But here are […]

Activities to keep kids occupied – Part I

On 24 March 2020,Government of India ordered a lock down restricting the movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India in a battle against covid-19. The lock down has been filled with daunting challenges and one of the them is to keep young kids occupied productively in this containment. Here are 5 activities that can […]

Top 20 Mother Bloggers in India

Mothers everywhere, they always have this innate need to share. Here are some cyber mothers who have extended this to online platforms and have shared their experiences, knowledge and more.. Rashmi Jaaju Rashmi is the creator of mommy labs. She documents all of her trials, experiments and experiences with her daughter. She walks you through […]

Top 10 YouTube Channels in India

Kids and parents are spoiled for choices in the wide, wide, YouTube world. Here is a list of channels you should keep your eyes out for. They are all loaded with goodies. Appu Series Appu Series perhaps has the largest collection of nursery rhymes ever. With, over 400 songs from Mother Goose, and about a […]

Top 10 Christmas Carols

Ways to ride the Yuletide this year. Wake up to the sounds of bells, rustles from gift wrappers, and chirps from every corner of the house. Here is a list of carols that is bound to set you adrift! Silent Night A solemn carol that fills you with peace. This is exactly what you need […]

Top 10 Songs That Kids Eat To

Oh boy! Oh boy! The trouble you have to through to get your child to eat. A spoon magically turns into a cargo airplane, or a choo choo train. There is a solution. There are songs you can play, to get even the fussiest of eaters to chomp — gnom, gnom, gnom — and lap […]

Top 10 Kids’ Halloween Costumes

At the start of October every year, there is one question you’ll often hear… ‘what are you and your kids going to be for Halloween?’ So here is a list that just might come in handy. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Have twins? Let’s double the fun! Tweedle dum and Tweedle Dee are characters your […]

Top 10 Nursery Rhymes of All Time

Nursery rhymes are the primary means of entertainment for any preschooler. We thought we’d put together some fun children’s songs that have stood the test of time. Hey Diddle, Diddle What could be more visually nonsensical and hilarious than a cow jumping over the moon, and a dish running away with a spoon? Oh! Did […]

Top 10 Lullabies

Bed time is crucial! Parents all over the world have their own rituals. Pat the baby to sleep, rock back and forth, drive all around, run up and down… The things we do! Whew! Here is a list of lullabies that might (just might) make things easy… Goodnight Sleep Tight Get into your most hypnotic […]

Top 10 Kids’ Dance Songs

Here We Go Looby Loo– Hockey Pockey Dance moves that stay with us all through our lives. When you run out moves… Here We Go Looby Loo comes to your rescue! Macarena This is a song that makes you sigh with relief… You’ll find everybody falling in line and moving with supreme coordination! Labamba La! […]

Top 10 Kids’ Songs

There are some songs that might have played through, like soundtracks when you were young. Here are some songs that most kids like to play all through the day. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes The ultimate snooze-buster. This will get a snoozing bunch of students on their toes. You can try this on teenagers too… […]

Appu Series’ YouTube Journey and Experience

Our products were solely in the form of print and CDs, stacked away in stores and stockrooms all across India. We wanted to extend our content to a wider international market. That came true in 2010  when we decided to join YouTube. Our animated sequences gained viewership in the U.S, the U.K  and Canada. Our […]

Top 10 Famous Kids’ Shows

Little girls, boys, puppets, muppets, animals and a whole lot more have kept kids entertained and educated for as along as television as been around. Here is a list of 10 shows that are rich in food for your little one’s thoughts. They are written in such a way that your child imbibes all the […]

Top 10 Famous Cartoon Characters of All Time

Cartoon Characters– those 2-D and 3-D people we grow up with– have an important role in shaping our identity… Why do think people can’t resist a  social test that tells them what caricature best describes them? There is a little bit of all these characters in us… Mickey MouseFrom black and white to colour, from […]

Top 10 Books for Indian Kids

Books are companions for life. You child’s relationship with books starts from the cradle.  Here are some titles, authors and publishers who have woven magic into their creations… Krishna from Amar Chitra Katha Amar Chitra Katha, for decades, has captured the imagination of young readers through its vibrantly illustrated epics in comics. Krishna is, without […]

Fruits – A Pulp Friction

We assume that our kids are born with taste buds that can sense only crispies and fries. We live in an age where we would much rather stock munchies that is quick, easy, and less messy than the ‘super-foods’ that we most often read about. Are we projecting our own attitude towards healthy food on […]

Yoga For Kids

The term Yoga stands for ‘oneness’ in every sense of being — physical, emotional and spiritual. This marriage of all three cores is vital for a holistic growth. The earlier the better to make it a practice that is as natural as breathing. All you need is a mat, a 7/7 empty space, a willful […]

Animals – Wild or Tame they’re all Lovable

When we talk about conservation, we forget that the need for such a step itself is a sign that there is utter dis-value for the wildlife on our planet. A value that should be instilled in early childhood. Stuffed animals is an all-time favourite. You find them tucked into bed and cuddling in the arms of […]

Arts and Crafts – The whole world is your supply

A good artist does not need ‘special’ tools. Everything is art, anything can be a tool. Aesthetics is ubiquitous. It presents itself in so many forms. Opening a child’s eyes to such a thing is a great gift one could give. There is a lot to draw from this world. Art and inspiration are on […]

Multilingualism – Say Good Bye to Babel!

The world is shrinking. There are more common-grounds for people to meet. That’s the point of exchange. Exchange of arts, culture and most importantly language! Children should be a part of this exchange. The list of world languages keeps growing every day. Virtual spaces, such as the internet too, have become broader and inclusive of […]

Proverbs – A Taste of Truth

Experience is the best teacher. When the experienced decides to put their knowledge in words that’s when you get ready-to-gobble capsules of truth. Proverbs make an interesting subject of how some subtle and profound experiences in life can be phrased in less than 15 words. They are adorned by metaphors. They certainly give you something […]

Science: A Stream of Rationale

Science is a school of thought. You discipline yourself to raise questions and answer them with utmost integrity. The best time to introduce is when a child is stoked by curiosity and is throbbing to learn… Learning the science of everything and anything has been the goal of many a thinkers for centuries. This does […]

Yoga – Tune your Body and Mind early on

Yoga, for all good reasons, is becoming a lifestyle choice of many. It reminds you to breathe, move and most importantly stay in tune with your body. Set it as a routine from childhood, it will be one that you hold on to for your life.  Yoga is a special activity that demands less time […]

Mathematics made easy to crunch

Mathematics is a basic skill. It rates second only to language. Numbers, quite literally, add value to your words…It’s wise to start using them early on in school. Cooking, building houses, rockets, computers, machinery you name it, all are governed by the principles of mathematics. Somebody had to work out the proportions on a paper […]

Origami and Kirigami – Ways to keep your hands busy

Origami is an art that demands a sense for texture, symmetry and a great deal of dexterity. All of which you can better with consistent practice. Appu Series has enough materials to give your hands that much needed exercise. Using your hands and making things with them improves your spatial intelligence while giving your fingers […]

Tales grow longer with age

Memories, knowledge and wisdom get passed down through stories. Emotions expressed in the rawest to the most sublime form, tinted by the environment and the relationship one has with the environment, telling tales is an art one should be raised on. Appu Series delves into the power of stories and importance of tapping into them. […]

Rhymes – There Definitely are Reasons

They chimed throughout your childhood; you cackled away at every funny refrain; you hear children singing and keep up the custom until today… Rhymes are timeless. Appu series talks about how these verses have come to stay, pulsated through the ages and has been indispensible in the growth children. The first introduction to any language […]