Van – Vehicle Rhyme

Vans are absolutely delightful vehicles. Short distances or long, they are the best on roads and are the most convenient too. People love to ride them everywhere. Check out this song on vans, it tells you all that you need to know about it.

Van, van, van!

Van is my name.

I’m like a bus or truck,

But not quite the same.

I get my name,

From  a caravan.

I’m also called,

A minivan.


I’m smaller than a truck,

But carry goods for you.

I’m smaller than a bus,

But carry people too!

I’m neither too big,

Nor too small.

So right for outings,

To the woods or mall!


I drop children

To their school,

Also office-goers

In a carpool!

I may be a six,

Or twelve-seater.

I can run for thousands

Of meters!



Are run in me,

Where they sell

Coffee and tea!

Hospitals, hotels,

The police and post,

I’m used by all,

Even airports!


Van, Van, Van!

I am a van,

All over the world,

I have many a fan!

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