Warthog – Animal Rhymes in Ultra HD (4K)

Warthog- from Animal Rhymes is about an animal that’s notoriously known for all the warts on its face. Grunt! Grunt! Yes, they’re closely related to an animal that we all raise in barns… Pigs!

I am the famous warthog;

I work hard in the woods and I slog.

I grunt, squeal, snort and growl

Out clear and all loud.
Africa is my home,

That is where I always roam.

I sleep on grass, I sleep in caves,
Wherever there is shade.


I am a herbivore

With my two tusks in the fore,

I dig up roots, I pluck leaves;

I happily munch on all these.
My piglets are delicate;

I give them all that I get.

They stay with me, forsome months;

Till they’re grown, and they can grunt.


I live to be fifteen years;

I wear tusks like a gear;

I have warts, I have a mane;

I surely do not look plain!


We live in large sounders,

As families together.

We’re like pigs, we have big snouts,

But we’re very shy, we scoot out.


I am the famous warthog;

I work hard in the woods and slog.

I grunt, I squeal, I snort and growl

Out clear and aloud.



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