Whale Rhymes

Whale rhyme & video for children to learn about whale. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on whales. The largest animal on earth… They swim for great distances, they sing some beautiful songs! Whales are one of the most magnificent animals on earth. Here are a few facts that you can sing about!

I look like a fish, but certainly am not,

I’m actually a mammal.

I live in oceans deep, also in tropical seas,

The blue whale is the biggest animal!


I am the enormous whale,

with flukes on my tail,

And my limbs are my flippers or fins,

A layer of fat that stores energy is the ‘blubber’ under my skin.


I don’t breathe through gills like fish,

But just like you do through your nose.

You’ll see a fountain flowing out when I

Breathe in and out through blowholes!


A male’s called a ‘bull’, a female a ‘cow’,

A ‘calf’ is a newly born,

And is nursed by the mother for a time quite long.

We share a bond that is rather strong,

We are known to sing the whale song.


I live underwater most of my life,

And love to slap my tail and breach.

I eat plankton, fish, squid and krill.

I‘m known to imitate human speech.

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