Zebra Rhymes

Zebra rhyme & video for children to learn about zebras. Watch this lovely kids rhyme on Zebras. Zebras are as stripy and as unique as they can be! Here is a fun song that tells you all that you need to know about them!

I’m a zebra known for my stripes,

By them I’m uniquely identified,

They are my signature in black and white,

Against the green grasslands,

A wonderful sight!


I’m a zebra, from Africa,

Very sharp are all my senses!


I belong to the horse family,

Sometimes I bray like a donkey,

I also bark and snort softly,

Sometimes I eat leaves but grass mainly!


I’m a zebra, from Africa,

Zebra crossings get their name from me!


I signal with facial expressions and sound,

My ears show my mood,

And warn of danger around,

My foal can walk minutes after it’s born,

I stand as I sleep whether night or morn.


I’m a zebra, from Africa,

Our group is called a dazzle, herd or zeal!


I’m always seen as a part of a group,

Our stripes together leave the predator confused,

When chased we run from side to side,

When one of us is attacked,

We don’t leave his side!


I’m a Zebra;

Do visit Africa, in all my action to see me!

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