Solar System – Song on Planet Jupiter in Ultra HD (4K)

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. This humongous body has a constant storm called the Great Red Spot– that’s been blowing for centuries now. It has 67 moons– that’s a huge number! Watch this song on the planet, it teaches you all this and more.

I am the biggest planet of all;


In fact, a gigantic ball.

Jupiter is what I’m called,

Named after the Roman sky God!


I’m so very big, you see?

Thirteen hundred earths can fit in me.


On me, I have no solid ground,

Just poisonous gases all around!



The fastest is my rotation,

But rather slow is my revolution.

As I’m not really tilted much,

I don’t have extreme seasons as such!


Sixty seven moons orbit me,

No other planet has these many.

Ganymede is my largest moon;

It’s the largest of all moons!



Among all planets, I’m the stormiest;

My Red Spot is the storm mightiest.

I have colorful bands all over me,

That with a telescope you can see!



My atmosphere has mainly hydrogen,

Also some helium;

Surrounding me, are a few thin rings;

My strongest gravity makes me the king!

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