Solar System – Song on Planet Neptune in Ultra HD (4K)

Neptune is the first planet to be discovered through calculation. It has a beautiful hint of blue. It gets its hue from the methane in its ices. It is similar to Uranus in its composition. It’s certainly a beautiful planet. Here is a song that tells you all you need to know about it.

I am planet Neptune, the farthest from the sun,

And so I have the longest path to run.

Of all planets, the longest is my year,

Full of ice and gas is my sphere!



I’m not only the coldest, but the windiest too;

Just like Uranus, in color I’m blue;

I’m named from the Roman God of the sea;

Without a telescope, you cannot see me!



As I’m a gas giant, I have no land;

You’d sink right in on me, if you would stand;

I have a few rings around me too,

That are rather uneven, faint and new.



Just like Jupiter has the ‘Great Red Spot’,

I have a storm called the ‘Great Dark Spot’,

Also a little storm called the ‘Small Dark Spot’,

And the cloud ‘Scooter’ that scoots a lot!




Triton is the biggest of all my fourteen moons,

And the coldest of all planet moons;

It’s also the boldest of all you see,

As backwards, it orbits me!




I’m the first planet to be found by calculation,

Rather than planetary observation;

I’ve been visited once just by Voyager 2,

To visit me, ten years it would take you!

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