Song on Plants – Five Main Parts of a Plant in Ultra HD (4K)

Five main parts of a plant that help find water, make food, and grow tall. They need all of these to stay strong. Curious to know what role they play exactly? There is an easy way to remember… Just watch this song, it tells you all about how these plants are involved.

While playing in the park the ball rolls into the shrubs. Tiger runs to fetch it and in the hurry, tramples the plants, breaking and injuring them. Appu come up and stops him.

Appu: careful Tiger, don’t destroy the plants. Even they have life.

Plant: Yes…

I am a plant, your friend so green.

All around you I am seen.

My main parts are the stem and roots,

Leaves, colorful flowers and fruits!




We are roots, underground we grow,

In search of water, deeper we go.

We suck water through our walls,

And fix the plant so it doesn’t fall!

I’m a stem and because of me,

A plant can stand upright, you see?

I connect all parts with the roots,

To them, I supply water and food!




I am a leaf; I’m mostly green.

In many shapes, and sizes I’m seen.

I cook food for the plant in sunlight.

Just like you, I breathe day and night.





I am a flower with petals so bright,

Scented, colorful or white.

I have very sweet nectar in me,

That’s loved by birds, butterflies and bees.




I am a fruit. From a flower, I grow;

I have seeds in me that you sow.

I taste sour, when I’m unripe.

Juicy and sweet when I am ripe.


Tiger: I am so sorry. I’ll try to be more careful next time.

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