Song on Hygiene – Five things used for Hygiene in Ultra HD (4K)

Five best cleaning agents that we all need. They are all good for our hygiene. Know what they are and use them everyday. That’s what keeps diseases at bay. Watch this fun and informative song, and stay clean!

Neena, Appu and Tiger come home from play. They are all grimy and dirty. They go in to the bath to wash up, but Tiger hates water and backs off. Seeing this Neena and Appu say…


All around us, there’s grime and dust.

To be healthy, clean ourselves we must!


Brush and bathe, every single day,

Be it a rainy, or a sunny day!





I am soap, wash yourselves with me.

To feel fresh and clean, I am the key!

Before you eat, and after your play,

Wash your hands with me to drive the germs away!


A toothbrush and toothpaste:

We are a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

From your teeth, we remove all the waste!

Brush your teeth with us twice a day,

And see how we keep the cavities away!


A toothbrush and toothpaste




I am a comb, I have many teeth,

Use me to comb your hair and look neat!

But you must clean me too,

Whether I am red or green or blue!


Nail cutter:

I am a nail cutter,  use me without fail,

To trim your finger and toe nails!

But please be careful when you use me,

I can cut quite deep you see!


Nail cutter




I am a handkerchief,

Always keep me close.

To wipe your hands, face,

Eyes and nose!

Dotted or striped, embroidered or plain,

I’m used everywhere from London to Spain!


Tiger: Okay!  I’ll wash up now and take care of my hygiene.

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