A Doctor – Rhymes on Profession

Doctors are such caring people! They do prick you with injections sometimes and give you bitter pills to swallow… Do you know a better way to fight sickness? No. They try their best to bring you back to health. Here is a song that tells you all that they do for you!

I’m your friend a doctor; why are you afraid of me?

I treat your coughs, and make your fever flee.

If you have a sore throat, a scratched elbow or knee,

Simply come, visit me!




I’m usually seen in a spotless white coat,

Around my neck hangs a stethoscope,

With a little torch I examine your throat,

Also your eyes, ears and nose!




I check your body temperature and height,

Check if you’re too heavy or too light.

I may give your tummy a press here and there,

But I handle you with great care!




I make you stronger with vaccination,

I treat you with tonics and medication.

How I hate to give you painful injections

To protect you from those horrid infections!




I may be a family doctor or a specialist,

A physician, a surgeon or a dentist.

I come rushing to save my patients

During emergencies or operations!



Your health indeed is your precious wealth,

So you must exercise and eat well.

If you’d really like to keep me away,

Remember to have an apple a day!


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