Bitter gourd – Vegetable Rhyme

A song on bitter gourd! They’re not as bad as they seem! It’s a vegetable worth developing a taste for. Just look at how much it has to offer you! You’ll never say no to bitter gourd again!

I am the bitter ‘bitter gourd’,

I hail from the family of gourds,

Bitter melon I’m also called,

I’m so medicinal I deserve an award!


I’m oblong and a dull or bright green,

All over my skin ridges are seen,

Inside me is flesh soft and white,

And oval seeds that are crisp and light!


Like other gourds I grow on vines,

For support I have tendrils fine,

From delicate yellow flowers I grow,

My pretty leaves grow neatly in a row!


My health benefits are several,

I help lower your blood sugar level,

I help you reduce excess weight,

For your heart and stomach I’m simply great!


Although I may be very bitter,

Have my juice to be much fitter,

When I’m stuffed you’ll simply lick your lips,

You won’t say no to my yummy chips!

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