Farmer – Rhymes on Profession

Farmers put food on your table! They work in the fields, mulch, plough and reap great yields from huge fields. There is nothing more rewarding for them to see happy and healthy looking crops. Curious to know what goes into growing crops? Watch this song to know what a farmer does!


All day long I sweat and toil.

I plough fields and sow seeds in the soil.

I’m a farmer; I’m known as a peasant too.

I grow crops on a large scale for you!




I grow rice, corn and wheat,

All kinds of millets and oilseeds,

­­I grow coffee and tea, cotton and jute,

Also spices, roots and fruits!




I may run a dairy farm,

Where cattle are milked and kept from harm.

In a city I may run an urban farm,

To add a touch of green and also some charm!




04For farming I use spades and hoes,

Ploughs and sickles, spikes and harrows.



Modern machinery does me the great favor

Of saving much of my time and labor!




I worship the sun and the rain,

Without these I haven’t much to gain,


Floods and droughts put me to the test,

Insects and pests don’t let me rest!





Where there is food, there is life,

Where there is hunger, there is strife,


Let us not be overcome by our greed,

Let us eat to live, not live to eat!

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